10 simple ideas to earn extra income

We always wish to have more money- to be financially abundant, to buy an iPhone, or for a vacation to Europe. A steady salary is not enough to live our dreams. We need extra cash, and there is a good news that we can earn it in the most legitimate and interesting way in this year. So, here are top 10 simple ideas to earn extra income.

1. Freelancing

This is the # Number One way to earn extra income. You either write blogs and articles, do graphic designing, or even create software in your free time. Choose your freelancing niche according to your passion. Open your mind, figure out your skill, find ways to take leverage of it and start charging for your services. Visit freelance websites to advertise your services.

2. Write an eBook

If you have a tale to tell the whole world, then an eBook will be a great idea for you. Use the Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing Platform and earn royalty.

3. Photography

If you love clicking stories into memorable pictures, then you can work as a photographer in weddings and social events. Your friends and relatives can spread your talent, and you can work on weekends.

4. Become a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is a great side-hustle for those who love multi-tasking and organizing things for others.

5. Social Media Assistant

If you like maintaining social media accounts, and are best at it, then you can be a social media assistant for someone.

6. Digital Marketing

Well, actually digital marketing also covers social media marketing. But this is about someone who is proficient in digital marketing for a start-up or a freelancer.

7. Driving

Does this sound mediocre to you? Well, if you like driving to different places and talking to fellow passengers, then you would love to do driving with Uber and Ola companies.

8. Rent your own belongings

If you have a car parked in your garage, or a DSLR, or an extra laptop, then you can always rent it out and earn money out of it. Women who have a huge collection of unused yet gorgeous outfits (especially sarees and ethnic clothes) can start a business of renting those for weddings and other occasions.

9. Create online courses

If you love to share your knowledge with the rest of the world, then create online courses about the subject you are passionate about like financing, marketing, etc. Udemy, Teachable and SkillShare are some of the online sources.

10. Start your YouTube Channel

Last but not the least, launching your own YouTube channel is an innovative idea. It could be about health, lifestyle, minimalism, recipes, and fitness or even about games.

Stop being a consumer and become a creator with these 10 simple and creative ideas to earn extra bucks in your bank account.

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