10 Simple Tips That Change The Way You Think About Money

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Presently money matters the most. The difference between rich and the poor is that both are thinking about money differently. A rich man’s thoughts and perspective about money are more vibrant than the thoughts and attitude of a man struggling to make money. Are you missing something? Read this article to change the way you think about money.

1. Start with a Financial Calendar: Financial calendar is a must and should include all your current and planned expenses. Simply you can use an excel spreadsheet to record your bills and expenses.

2. Budget like a Pro: If you are failing to manage your money, do not make excuses with budgeting. Budgeting is a guide to your spending decisions and brings value to your life. Thus, at any point during a month, you know your spend ability and live your life with full control. For some people managing budget is difficult and you should use following free mobile apps for personal budget.

ET money

Earlier Et Money was called smartSpends. It is the best app to manage your personal finance. Not only managing savings you can also perform investments.


mTrakr is a money and expense management app that helps its users to auto-track expenses, avoid overspending, and save money.

3. Track your Spending: It may be small purchases, but at the end of the day you may find you have overspent. There may be places you are spending inadvertently. Track your spending daily, categorize and add them. You will surely identify areas to keep on a check.

4. Shop Smart: Evaluate your purchases with cost per use and try to spend on experiences rather than on materials. Budgeting and financial tools will help you shop smart. If you use credit card always have a tab on overspending and always try to pay your credit card early and do not wait for the last day.

5.Contribute to Regular Savings: Savings is something which you cannot ignore, no matter what. A fixed percentage of your earnings should go into it. Read this article from Truebanker for savings.

6. Concentrate on Prosperity, not on Debt: Pay off your bills and debt timely but do not over concentrate on debt. Focus more on well-being.

7. Do not take money emotionally: Do not let money dictate your happiness, emotional state of mind and appearance. Always keep a positive mindset even if you are broke.

8. The Interest Rate is critical: You must know the interest rate every time you are bearing or receiving it. Focus on your debt or savings commitments based on the rate of interest.

9. All Cash Diet: In case you are consistently overspending, try all-cash diet desperately. It can give sure shot relief.

10. Money is not a result but a tool: Money for a rich is a tool to make even more money. Change your outlook and grow your wealth using this tool.

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