5 best android apps to track your personal finance

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

A money management app is not just an app, it is actually your Personal Finance Manager. You can understand about your expenses, investment options, returns and revenue. Following are the 5 best apps, used and appreciated by people all over the country. Here we go!

Best apps to track personal finance
Apps to track personal finance


  • Being a comprehensive app, it tracks your expenses and incomes as per your requirements, and can be utilized easily by a layman.

  • You can manage multiple bank accounts, and it will save a lot of your efforts.

  • Since this app is automatic, you are not asked for passwords frequently.

  • You can categorize your expenses as shopping, food, travel, commute, etc.

mTrakr is one of the fastest growing money manager, recommended by top bankers and CAs. It is one app to securely manage your money, bank accounts, credit cards, bill reminders. How? It analyses your SMS inbox, detects information like expenses, bills, payments and gives you an intelligent analysis automatically. mTrakr Expense Manager helps you achieve financial goals by managing money and budgets everyday.

- From Google Play



  • This app presents a summary of your investments in stock market as well as mutual funds. All the latest prices are updated on this app, so you do not really have to worry.

  • You also gain suggestions about how you can wisely manage your investments.

  • An active, members’ forum helps you in discussing about your investment options and other important ideas.



  • Wizely is an android app that helps you save for your significant tasks and experiences such as for a rainy day or for a vacation.

  • You can automate your savings with its feature of Reminders.

  • No need to check for offers as you will get the notifications on the app itself.

  • As security is the highest-priority of the creators of this app, you are worry-free.

  • It gives you complete freedom and flexibility to save money, to choose saving channels and the purpose of saving.


It is just like a digital piggybank, but better. You can start adding money to your Wizely app as soon as you signup. There is no minimum amount you need to save. Also, unlike any bank savings products, there is no lock-in period inside the Wizely app. You can then also spend your savings on collection of popular brands such as Amazon, MakeMyTrip BigBasket etc.

- From Google Play Store



  • Recreating the concept of SMS – “Simplify Meaning Something,” Qykly acts as your Daily Expense Manager.

  • This app helps you in managing your e-commerce transactions, bills, payments, incomes, travel bookings, including updates on train and flight booking.

  • It interprets your SMS inbox carefully and summarizes all your financial details.

  • You can also use this application as a monthly budget tracker.


Your SMS inbox should help you live and work better, but instead it often buries the important stuff and creates more stress than it relieves .Qykly- your Daily expense manager is designed to simplify life ,keeps things organized and helps you get back to what matters.

- From Google play store


Money View

  • Inspired by the idea of a “Making India Financially Fit,” the Money View application makes people aware about their personal finances. Shortly, it helps you to take care of your money effectively.

  • This app presents a detailed overview of your finances by reading your financial SMS on the phone. No manual efforts required!

  • With this app, you can stick to a budget, get reminders, track your expenses, invest money wisely, save taxes and seek finances.

Money View
Money View

At Money View, we’re inspired by the idea of a financially fit India. We’re empowering people to be more aware of their finances and to proactively do better with their money. Using our proprietary technology platform, the app reads your financial SMS from banks and billers to automatically present a comprehensive view of your finances without you having to manually track your financial transactions. - From Google Play Store.


This detailed list of personal finance apps can help you in managing your finances, and in becoming a productive person. Become your own Personal Finance Manager and elevate your finances to the next level.


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