Few simple ideas you can try today to generate extra income

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

It does not matter what time of year it is, it is always better to have an income stream to save for the rainy day or even for a vacation. Following top 3 ways can help you earn extra cash, as you enjoy the process.

Earn as you shop

Cashback rewards, discounts and offers are a great chance to earn extra cash. So, whenever you shop online, do it with complete mindfulness.

  • Online retail portals such as Amazon, Flipkart offer coupon codes, cashback rewards, online payment offers, which are smart ways to shop and earn extra cash.

  • Read the instructions and guidelines carefully.

  • Sign up for a free account whenever necessary.

  • Do not forget to grab the deal that was specially meant for you.

See some of these credit cards which gives great cashbacks

Rent your space for a night

Do you have a spare room? Are you a good host? Love interacting with people? Then, listing your vacant room on sites such as Airbnb is a great way of earning extra cash.

  • You can be a little bit creative by connecting with the visitors and conducting city tours for them.

  • Keep in mind certain tips about hospitality as you have also need to play the role of a good host.

  • Read the guidelines mentioned on the sites carefully before listing your space on it.

Sell unused stuff

De-cluttering your home makes you feel energized and optimistic. The primary motive of de-cluttering is to get all the unused stuff aside and get rid of it. In this way, you create space for new, interesting things or just keep the space clutter-free.

  • You can earn extra cash by selling old stuff such as furniture, electronic items, clothes, books, DVDs on online classified sites such as quikr and olx.

  • It is a bit dicey to find buyers for your unused stuff, but you can gradually find one.

So, do not wait and watch for a new income stream. Just get ready and dive into any of the above options.

Test websites

If you know how to operate computer or laptop and knows how to browse internet then you can do this at home. You can test websites for companies and in return they can pay for your work.

Sell your digital designs

You think that you have a creative mind and it is your hobby. This is now time to generate some cash out of your hobby. You can become freelancer or license your digital designs on websites like Design Cuts. Design Cuts is a community website offering high quality assets to designers at affordable and discounted prices.

Sell your photos

Last vacation you went on an amazing trip to a beautiful place and took mesmerizing pics or you just are a person who can make any picture taken from a phone or camera amazing then you can sell your photos on Shutterstock.

You can also try several online income-earning ways such as blogging, creating a YouTube channel, app development, etc. as a creative side hustle.

Please tell us which method do you use for extra income generation in comments.

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