How to start investing online and grow your money while you sleep

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

In the age of technology and internet you are no more bound to invest only in traditional assets to grow your money. But you can leverage technology and online service providers to help you invest in various other assets. You can invest online and can see your money grow while you sleep. Although that's a cheesy line to say, but wise investment decisions, active research and online investment tools could possibly make it worthwhile.

5 simple steps to start

1. Choose an online investment service provider based on your needs.

2. Register your account and complete document verification.

3. Link your bank account and deposit little money. Start with Rs 1000.

4. Choose investment asset or take help from service provider.

5. Invest

Truebanker suggest these online investment tools our readers can explore.

1. Scripbox

2. Reliance Smart Money

3. Religare


ScripBox makes investing in mutual funds online pretty easy. They have nice online customer registration and document verification process and their customer service is also sub par. You can go to Scripbox website and register an investment account with no cost.

How it works

Scripbox uses an algorithm to select best performing mutual funds and customize them based on customer’s investment profile. After successful registration and document verification you can deposit little money ( say Rs 1000 ) and start investing in mutual funds. You can also ask their customer service to help you choosing best mutual funds for you. Scripbox claims bank grade security on your accounts and with their platform. They also provides very nice dashboard to track your investments.

Open free account at Scripbox today

Best about Scripbox

  • They pick funds without bias.

  • Monitor and review your mutual fund selections periodically

  • They also take care of exit loads and taxes on your transactions.

  • Customized selection of mutual funds based on user’s profile.

Scripbox MF Returns


Reliance Smart Money

Reliance Smart Money provides umbrella of services and not just mutual funds. They have single platform for multiple choices of investments like stocks, corporate FDs, Mutual funds, Bonds etc.

How it works

You can simply go to their website, answer simple account specific question and register online. You need a valid phone number to get register, because they will send OTP to confirm. Also, account opening is free of cost and after verification of documents you can simply start investing.

Open free account today at Reliance Smart Money

Best about Reliance Smart Money

  • Multiple selection of asset classes and not only tied to Mutual funds.

  • A complete financial service marketplace.

  • They provide Robo-Assist mutual fund recommendations.

  • You can get access to unbiased research.



If stock market is your forte and you plan to invest actively and trade daily, Religare is the choice you should make. They provide trading and investments across all asset classes. They call their portal Religare Online - a share trading web portal. It is very customer friendly and simple trading platform. After few hours of scanning through various screens you will be able to trade your first stock. With this tool at your side, you can trade or invest from anywhere if you have internet.

Religare offers flexible brokerage plans, that suits your portfolio and hence can lower your trade rates. Their research tools are best in class and help you pick good investments. With this one tool you can invest in various assets like Equity, Derivatives, Commodities, Currency, Mutual Funds, IPOs and Bonds/NCDs on one platform and with a single log in.

Open a Free Online Trading Account. Enjoy Rs 500 Cashback on Brokerage at Religare

Best about Religare

  • Simple and friendly trading platform

  • Integrated asset investments and research tools

  • Flexible brokerage plans

  • Offers Rs 500 Cashback on brokerage for new accounts.

Choose your pick after thorough research and based investment needs. If you only like to invest in mutual funds then Scripbox should be sufficient , but if you are looking for broader investment and likes to diversify your portfolio then Reliance Smart Money like services should work for you.

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Comment your experiences with these or any other services you might have used and liked.

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